Our second blog..only took us nearly two years!

Welcome to our second blog, we had great intentions to write a blog every month which clearly didn’t go to plan!

We have been extremely busy the last couple of years and have had plenty of happy customers on our way.

We have been incredibly lucky to have expanded our work force over this past year with all the work coming in thick and fast.

Thanks to all our customers past, present and future, we will continue to strive for the highest standard of work we can give and look forward to our new projects that are coming up.

Thanks again from the team at Norfolk County Electricians.


Our first blog!

Hello and welcome to Norfolk County Electricians first ever blog!

With the winter now kicking in we have had lots of customers ringing about problems with their heating systems, please don't hesitate to ring us for any queries regarding your heating if you have any problems.

We also have plenty booked in over November with a few new build houses over in Rackheath that we will be wiring and keeping us very busy with plenty of smaller jobs in and around Norwich and Norfolk.

As you can see in the photos we also have a few jobs we completed in October, unfortunately I do forgot to take a lot of photo's but try post all the one I do take. We have also added a horror job we found in Sprowston where a fuse board that was slowly burning away with a loose neutral connection on the cooker circuit. PLEASE DON'T LET DIY DAVE DO YOUR ELECTRICS! Ring the professional's and get it done properly!

I hope you have enjoyed our first blog and we will be back in December gearing up for plenty of Christmas light installs!


Best wishes.